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About Us – Wonderbox Digital

Welcome to Wonderbox

A publishing experiment for digital fiction, cooperative fiction, and everything else that hasn't yet found a home in traditional book and games publishing.

Head shot: Lyle SkainsThe page title is “About Us”, but at the moment it’s really just me. Hi.

I’m Lyle Skains. I’m a writer, digital designer, and a researcher. I write digital fiction, and I think the publishing world is very, very late to some rather important creative evolutions, like digital fiction and cooperative storytelling.

The world is now online, on computers, on mobiles, on tablets, on social media. Our communications media is all streaming, from music to TV to games.

I think digital fiction and cooperative writing deserve a setting at the tea party, too.

I created Wonderbox Publishing to provide opportunities for all those misfit texts out there, from digital fiction (in Flash, Twine games, Javascript, apps, and more) to cooperative fiction (stories that writers build, architecturally, alongside one another, like *cough* fanfic).

I’m going to be transparent up front: this is not an entirely altruistic endeavour. I would like for this to be my full-time profession: creating digital stories and publishing them. Wonderbox is how I see that happening.

I’m excited about it, and I hope others come to see my vision, and that Wonderbox can grow beyond me. Eventually, I’d love for this page to truly represent an “us”.

So hop into the rabbit hole, and away we go!

P.S. I, and thus Wonderbox, support #BlackLivesMatter, LGBTQIA+ rights (note the T!), visibility for disabilities, and the feminist movement. If you are not at least tolerant of these perspectives in your work, this may not be the place for you!

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