Podcast Episode 3: Hypertext for the People

Hypertexts are one of the oldest and enduring forms of digital literature, dating from the 1st gen in 1987, to the explosion in indie games thanks to Twine. We chat about how hypertexts form the foundation of digital fiction, what role they play in culture, and we share some of our favorites.

Special shout out to Astrid Ensslin, Lyle’s co-writer on our chapter on the history of hypertext, “Hypertext: From Storyspace to Twine” in The Bloomsbury Handbook of Electronic Literature. Her research into hypertext forms the backbone of our knowledge in this area!

Links mentioned in this episode:

This episode’s “Pick a Card” topic:

See Lyle’s profile and work on her website, and Jordan’s research and writing musings here.
Many thanks to Bangor University’s School of Creative Studies & Media for use of their recording equipment and support of this podcast.Produced by Lyle Skains & Jordan Glendenning. Music from Kurt James Werner. 

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