Normal Deviation’s Kickstarter Campaign Has Launched!

Kickstarter campaign promo

Just a short announcement post on our Normal Deviation Kickstarter campaign. In case you missed it, we’ve spent the last year putting together a short fiction anthology based on one very weird picture (as you can see).

We’ve collected some fantastically weird stories from a seriously rad group of writers, including Olivia Berrier, Josephine Bruni, Dan Cox, Josh Dygert, Sam Hirte-Runtsch, Jonathan Howard, L.G. Keltner, Chris LoudAmanda Marples, Charlie Wilson, Cath Barton, Jetse de Vries, Joanna Michal Hoyt, Dean Knight, Molly McLellan, Arathi Menon, Jesse Rodriguez, Nicola ThompsonEmma Venables, and Clare Weze. Oh, and DeAnn and I wrote stories, too!

The campaign, if funded, will help us afford to pay our authors at least semi-pro rates for the stories, something that as a fledgling company we wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. It will also give us some room to print hard copies in advance of our book launch.

We’re offering some fun extras, including donation copies of the anthology to libraries, copies of the Blue Pencils anthology, and some hand-made cone-head crafts – because why not?

Please join us, and share to all you know!

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