Podcast Episode 5: Transmedia Rabbit Holes

Our deepest apologies for the unplanned hiatus! As working academics, end-of-the-year marking and administration tasks overwhelmed us for a while. 

Digital media has the ability to both transcend and combine narrative forms: film, game, text, music, and more. As a result of the mutable quality of digital media and the networked capability of the internet, narratives now spill over multiple media, with different elements of the story spread across film, forums, TV, books, and more. We go down some transmedia narrative rabbit holes, discussing what transmedia storytelling is and how it’s being used.

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Lyle’s horse in his “bunny suit”.

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Many thanks to Bangor University’s School of Creative Studies & Media for use of their recording equipment and support of this podcast.Produced by Lyle Skains & Jordan Glendenning. Music from Kurt James Werner. 

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