Podcast Episode 10: Guest Dr Melissa Kagen

Notes: We forgot to tell Melissa we’re PG! We bleeped a couple of words. Also, Lyle does know the Civil War and Civil Rights Movement are different things in different centuries (~minute 14); forgive her slip of the tongue.

Dr Melissa Kagen of Bangor University joins us this week to talk about “wandering games”: walking sims, archival adventures, and “misplaying” video games for cultural and political purposes. Be sure to check out the Call for Proposals for Melissa Kagen & Eben Muse’s “Wandering Games” Conference, 10-12 July 2019 in Bangor, Wales, UK (CFP closes 1 Feb 2019).

Links mentioned in this episode:

This episode’s “Pick a Card” topic:

Lyle lost the deck of cards! Bad Lyle. We went with “Books (or DFs or games) that are on your nightstand right now”.

See Lyle’s profile and work on her website, and Jordan’s research and writing musings here.

Many thanks to Bangor University’s School of Creative Studies & Media for use of their recording equipment and support of this podcast.Produced by Lyle Skains & Jordan Glendenning. Music from Kurt James Werner.

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