I’ve been working to make Wonderbox a thing for several years now, and I’m thrilled it’s finally happening. I’d always envisioned Wonderbox as a platform for publishing digital fiction; as this site got closer to reality my ever-churning brain began adding different genres and forms and experiments to the publishing list.

That’s why Wonderbox is playing with the idea of co-operative fiction in the Wondercosms category, and has an entire category solely to raise funds for specific social causes (Alt-Worlds).

I’ll also be producing some not-strictly-digital projects, including one from the inimitable Deena Larsen. I freely acknowledge that I cannot think of everything it is possible to think of in terms of digital narrative creation, so I’m opening the field to suggestions.

I invite anyone who wants to publish something a little different – experimental, digital, print – to join the Discord or contact me directly and see what we can do together!

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