Bringing Digital Fiction to the Public

After a wee bit of a hiatus, the Opening Up Competition is back! We have good ol’ 45 to thank for this one, as I received a USA Federal COVID-19 stimulus check – what better use for it than a digital fiction competition?

The Opening Up Digital Fiction Writing Competition first ran in 2017, and again in 2018. Its aim is to discover the best “popular” digital fiction: digital fiction that appeals to mainstream audiences.

What’s New in 2021

The 2021 competition will be run a bit differently. For one, I’m doing away with the Judges’ Prize, which is the antithesis of “for the people”. In its place, I’m adding a category for works striving for social change: works that highlight social injustice, that educate about health, that offer us an alternative perspective on people, cultures, history, politics, and more.

I’m funding the base cash prizes for the competition (or rather, the US government is, inadvertently). But taking a page from the IFComp, I am also opening the prize vault to voluntary contributions from anyone and everyone. 100% of these contributions will be distributed to competition winners.

Stay tuned for the official call for submissions, and join the mailing list below for updates right in your inbox!

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