Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I make suggestions or give feedback on Wonderbox?

The best place to do this is on Wonderbox's Discord server (see the join link at the bottom of any page).

Can I return an item I've purchased?

That will be up to the publisher you purchase it from. Wonderbox itself does not issue refunds from independent publishers.

Can I share work I've purchased on Wonderbox with someone else?

Again, that depends on the rights any individual publisher has placed on their work. Wonderbox in general is anti-DRM, but we ask that you respect the copyrights placed on your purchases.


What payment methods are accepted?

Currently we only accept Paypal payments.


What can I publish on Wonderbox?

Digital fiction, interactive fiction, Twine games, hypertexts, playable fiction, co-operative fiction - anything that's not quite a prose story and not quite a game. We're also open to experimental print publishing if you contact us. Not sure if what you've got will fit? Try it anyway!

What are the payment models?

The base model is a per-download purchase (much like computer games or eBooks). Wonderbox will also be trialling freemium and subscription models. Join our Discord channel for direct input on this topic.

Can I host work for free on the site (like

For now, yes. Wonderbox can't guarantee, however, that at some point in the future we'll have to balance server costs against this. But at the moment, host away!

Do I need a Paypal Business account to publish on Wonderbox?

Nope. Just sign up with your regular/personal Paypal account. You can weigh the benefits of personal vs. business Paypal accounts when and as you choose.

How are payments made?

Your royalties are automatically paid once a month to the Paypal account you indicate when you sign up as a publisher.
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