Digital fiction: narratives that are “born-digital”, that are made on and for digital devices. These include branching narratives, gameplay, interactivity, multi-media, and more.

  • [Por]TrAIts: AI Characters + Their Microstories [Book 1]

    ‘[Por]TrAIts: AI Characters + Their Microstories [Book 1]’ is a collaboration between Mez Breeze (human) x DALL-E2 (AI). This digital literature project explores the reality of AI-generated art [and its fusion with the English/code-hybrid language termed Mezangelle] and its application as the foundation of a human-AI alliance. On being invited by the OpenAI team [OpenAI being the organisation responsible for creating DALL-E, the AI employed in this Volume] to participate in their AI Artist Access Program, this resulted in the creation of this first Volume in a series of digital literature projects involving AI art generators.

    “This book is mindbogglingly beautiful, evocative and provocative.”   Dr. Astrid Ensslin, Digital Culture and Digital Humanities at the Universities of Bergen and Alberta.

    “An amazing and groundbreaking series of works.” – John Murray, Games and
    Interactive Media department, University of Central Florida.

    “Read ‘[Por]TrAIts: AI Characters + Their Microstories’ on as big a screen as you can. Beautiful, unsettling, and fascinating all at once.”  – Simon Groth, author of ‘Ex Libris’ and ‘Hunted Down and Other Tales’.

    “The images in ‘[Por]TrAIts: AI Characters + Their Microstories’ are captivating!” Henry Warwick, School of Media at Toronto Metropolitan University.

    “‘[Por]TrAIts: AI Characters + Their Microstories’ is a great human-machine collaboration.” – Vladimir Alexeev, OpenAI GPT-3 Ambassador.

    “A grand accomplishment.” – Kevin Ang, XR Artists Collective Co-Founder and Bingkoland Director.

    “Mez’s latest book [Por]TrAIts: AI Characters + Their Microstories’ will leave your jaw on the floor.”   Chris Harris, maker of ‘Out There’.

    “‘[Por]TrAIts: AI Characters + Their Microstories’ is a thing of beauty”.  – Jessica Citizen, author, ‘Player Attack’.


    “#PRISOM is the digital equivalent of Orwell’s 1984.”



  • A Modern Ghost

    Multimedia story for iOS and Android

  • All the Delicate Duplicates

    All The Delicate Duplicates is a short single player first-person narrative game that toys with the concept of time: reality isn’t stable or linear here, but unfurls across a storyworld that bends, flexes and (in some instances) duplicates.

  • Inanimate Alice: Perpetual Nomads

    Stuck on a broken down Autobus and finding herself alone in the middle
    of the desert with a rapidly dying phone battery, what’s Alice supposed
    to do?

  • The Bread Lottery

    The Bread Lottery is a remixed version of my Grandfather’s memoir of being a P.O.W. in the Second World War. You must choose which memories to access, and in what order to read them.

  • The Futographer

    A short hypertext mystery available for ebook readers and apps, or in a browser-ready Twine version.

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