Co-operative Fiction: Building stories together

Wondercosms is one of the experimental categories here at Wonderbox. We’re calling it “co-operative fiction”: stories or storyworlds in any form, genre, or platform that include a foundation text, and build new stories across various media based on that foundation text (or storyworld “bible”).

Within the category, you will find two types of narrative: Arcosms and Spirals. An Arcosm is a foundational story: it establishes storyworld and possibly characters. Arcosms give rise to Spirals, which can be any number of narratives inspired by the original Arcosm.

Does it sound like fan fiction? Well, that’s because it’s inspired by fan fiction. You won’t find any Spirals based on works for which Wonderbox has not been granted copyright or license, but we’re hoping this experiment inspires you to original and public domain works in the same way.

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